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I am an interdisciplinary performing artist and teacher.
 My own performance pieces fall into place through sincerity, responsiveness, tempo and tone

I constantly renew and review my work and relate it to other artists of my trade

I am inspired by all the art forms and integrate them into my theatrical productions

Collaboration with artists in  other art forms transforms my work, taking me to new places I would never have thought of going alone

I like experimenting with theatrical traditions so theater is brought out of a conventional context and presented in a personal and relevant way.

I love singing and improvising with musicians where poetic stories seem to come out of nowhere and make perfect poetic sense

Each new artistic project is an incentive to keep moving on.


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MICHELE COLLINS from SanFrancisco CA

living in Gothenburg, Sweden

+46 736471150

www. production


2008-10 Masters Degree in Theater/Acting from The Academy of Drama and Music Gothenburg University Sweden

2003-04 Göteborgs Konst Skola (sculpture and performance)

1990 Ecole Philippe Gaulier,Paris (Clowning)
1979-80 Dell Arté School Of Mime and Comedy, California


2015-19 Dr.Faustus Lights the Lights and Tender Buttons by Gertrude Stein
2012 ”Tripping on the Tipping Point” A Human Nature Prod. touring Northern California and San Francisco

2012 ”Kung Ubu” by Alfred Jerry TajphoonTivoli/Cinnober Teater Göteborg

2011 Spoon River Anthology by Edgar Lee Masters….. ”Life and Death in Gothenburg” with Tajphoon Tivoli, Göteborg

2006 “Towards a Bright Future” Cabaret Tajphoon Tivoli Production Göteborg

2002 Nothing Makes Me Happy”The Isabelle Eberhardt Love Story

1999 ”The Miss Monica Show”(winner best multi-media prod. )

1997 The Rainbunnies…Performance/music /poetry and film group

…women in interdisciplinary performances

1994 Circus Varieté Vauduville travel with circus tent

1981-89 Member of Performance Group ”Tajphoon Tivoli” street shows, night clubs and theaters in Europe and International Festivals


2012 ”Nora Tales” version of Henrik Ibsen´s A Dolls House an interdisciplinary production with film-maker Karin Flodhammar

2008 Adaptation of Ibsen´s ”A Doll´s House”( I portray both Nora and Torvald)

2007 ”Small Talk” a skyscraper and sunset

2005 ”Caged” Sculpture/Installation

2004 ”Hollywood Haunts Me” (Paperdoll Cut-out Comedy)

1992-96 “A Joy of Cooking” (Housewife from Hell)

1990 “Swan Lake” and ”Swan Fake”(pregnant swan show)


2012-13 “PYTHAGORUS HATT” Learning Math through Art

2008-10 “GADUSCH” A Musik Performance for children toured schools in Southwestern Norway

1988-1990 Spaghetti” and “Mera Spaghetti” (More Spaghetti) Clown Show Tajphoon Tivoli Production


2013 Tinnitus Therapy Trip (Voice Improvisation)

2011 “Opera Lingua” An Opera Performance composed by Anna Eriksson

20022006 singer/voice (spoken word) and performance with saxophone quintet Position Alphacontemporary improvised music


2013-18 Artist residence for refugee children´s performance and art skills camp Lysekil Sweden

20112012 The Academy of Drama and Music and University of Gothenburg “Performance Art”

2010/ 2012 Lowell High School (SF. CA) Acting course with Drama students

2011-2019 Göteborgs Konst Skola Performance courses with Art Students

2014-15 “Freak Out” Skådespelare och produktion assistant Vilda Bomben AB
2017 “Rekonstrukting Utöya” Productions assistant Vilda Bomben AB

2021 Video Verket “Vardagen Anfaller”  Teater Trixter Göteborg

2022-casting director/writer Vilda Bomben Film


Västragötalandsregion konstnärspris

Adlerbertska GBG Universitet

Adlerbertska (sällskapet Gnistan)
Konstnärsnämden Swedish Art Council Grant


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